With summer in full force, the next month or two are the perfect times to head to the beach for some relaxation in the sun!

But it seems like as we get older, we need to be packing a bigger and bigger bag to take with us in order to carry everything that we might need. While this is an inconvenience, it’s a necessary one in order to have a successful trip.

Hammonton Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing has a look at five essentials to pack in your beach bag.

  1. Sandproof Tote Bag

The durability of your bag can make or break your trip. You want to keep sand, water, and anything else out of your bag, and you want it to be big enough to carry all of your essentials comfortably. Also look for waterproof pockets to further protect electronic devices.

  1. Proper Sunglasses

Make sure that your shades are labeled either 100% UVA/UBV or 400 UV. Both offer full UV protection from the sun’s rays, and polarized lenses help reduce the glare that comes off the water.

  1. Comfortable Chair, Blanket, and Towel

Don’t deal with aches and pains from stiff beach chairs the day after your trip. Light-weight beach chairs are commonly available now, so head to your local sporting goods store and pick out a comfy one.

  1. Durable Sunscreen

Equip yourself with at least SPF +30, and a spray-on sunscreen can be beneficial at the beach because it can reach areas that you cannot, especially if you’re traveling solo. Don’t forget to re-apply every two hours and grab a lip balm that contains SPF while you’re shopping.

  1. Consider Extra Shade

Our skin is more sensitive and susceptible to skin cancer as we age, so having an extra wide-brimmed hat, a large umbrella, or a shade tent are all great ideas to complete your beach essentials.


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