The GO™ Rehab Program offers a sweeping new approach that is redefining the rehab experience. The results are clear: It makes rehab more efficient and effective—as well as more comfortable and convenient.

And there are numbers to back that up. UDSMR data confirms that the GO Rehab Program is in the top 5% nationwide for successful rehabs. That’s big news! UDSMR is an independent, not-for-profit organization affiliated with the University at Buffalo‚ State University of New York.

The whole point is to improve clinical outcomes and to enhance the resident experience—and GO is right on point. GO Program clients are overjoyed to have access to an attending physician 5 days a week, to a registered nurse 24/7, and to the Program’s cutting-edge equipment, like the Jintronix biofeedback system.

They all love the private and semi-private rooms, the smart TVs, Netflix, branded coffee, Chromebooks, and a full menu of healthy food choices. Most of all, they rave about the speedy recoveries, getting them back to their lives ASAP.

The GO Rehab Program is a win-win-win: Hospitals, medical personnel, and the clients themselves—everyone wins!