The height of the COVID-19 pandemic, while so much of the workforce was working from home or unemployed due to businesses like travel and hospitality being stalled, represented a seismic change in how work is viewed and prioritized.

It’s common to brush off the shortage that many companies are facing now as “people not wanting to work anymore,” but the reality is that people are finding other opportunities and other places to work that better fit their priorities in life, which may have been re-evaluated during the lockdown period.

No matter the reason, however, help wanted signs are probably up all over town, so if you’re looking to either get back into the workforce to earn a little extra cash or you’re searching for your next full-time opportunity, now is a great time to do so, regardless of your age.

Hammonton Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing has four tips on how to take advantage of the current job market.

  1. In-Store Jobs

Retail and restaurant jobs are plentiful, along with other people-facing positions like in hotels and health care. You’ll want to be sure you’re protected by being vaccinated against COVID-19 and follow any other health protocols set by the employer. Now is a great time to get in the door at a retailer with the holiday season here, and that job will likely not be seasonal if you wanted to continue into the new year. These businesses are looking for stability, so they are being more flexible about pay. Retail pay is up 5% this year and pay in the hospitality industry is up 13%.

  1. Ask for Flexibility

With an urgent need for workers, in addition to pay increases, businesses are willing to be more flexible in what they’re offering. If you are looking to just work a certain amount of hours or have certain accommodations, hiring managers are more willing to listen.

  1. Project-Based Jobs in the Office

Offices are dealing with shortages by hiring temporary, contracted positions. This is great for someone who doesn’t want to commit to a full-time job. Another place to look for work is with your local city or county—911 dispatchers, for example, are facing a shortage nationwide.

  1. Online Work

The work-from-home period showed that many businesses could not only survive but thrive with remote workers. This can allow you to work for a company in another city or state without having to leave your home. Leverage your network by asking friends and former co-workers if their company has a need for workers and see if there are possibilities to work remotely.


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